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The Latin Jazz All-Stars
Live At The Queen Mary Jazz Festival
Airto & Flora Purim

recorded in 1985
issued in 1988 (VIEW Video NTSC1311) VHS

  1. Xequere [Chekere Son]
  2. Berimbau Solo
  3. Capoeira with The Batucaje Cancers
  4. Flora's Fling
  5. Humbi-Humbi
  6. Scat...Man
  7. Shoulder
  8. Light as a Feather
    Bill Summers, Jeff Elliot, Joe Farrell, Kei Akagi, Luiz Munoz, Randi Atkins, Randy Tico, Rolando Gingras, The Batucaje Dance Troupe, Tony Moreno

Harvest Jazz
Airto & Flora Purim

Recorded live at Paul Masson Winery in Saratoga, California.
issued in 1985 1986 (Sony) VHS

  1. Misturada
  2. The Road Is Hard, But We're Going To Make It
  3. Light As A Feather
  4. Nothing Will Be As It Was
  5. Beijo partido (Broken Kiss)
  6. Percussion Solo
  7. Tombo in 7/4
    Kei Akagi, Larry Nass, Keith Jones, Laudir de Oliveira

Purely Music
Airto & Flora Purim

(VPI VPI7900) LD

Brazilian Percussion
Airto Moreira

issued in 1993 (DCI VHO182) VHS
The authoritative guide to Brazilian percussion. A comprehensive study in the techniques of pandeiro, surdo, caxixi, cuica, triangle, tamborim and Airto's extensive percussion table. (76 min.)

Listen & Play
Airto Moreira

issued in 1993 (DCI VHO179) VHS

  1. Africa (J.Neto-F.Purim-Diana Moreira)
  2. Partido Alto (J.R.Bertrami-A.Malheiros-F.Purim)
  3. Seven Steps (Jose Neto)
  4. Firewater-Jive Talk (A.Moreira-Hermeto Pascoal)
    Airto, Flora Purim, Jose Neto, Gary Meek
    Airto's band, Fourth World, performs four great compositions, and Airto breaks down his drumming in each. He covers Brazilian rhythms such as marcha, frevo, partido alto, and samba. (65 min.)

Rhythms & Colors
Airto Moreira

issued in 1993 (DCI VHO158) VHS

  1. Perfume de Cebola (Filo-Cacaso)
  2. River São Francisco (Flora Purim)
  3. Earthquake (Jose Neto-Flora Purim)
  4. The Sun Is Out (Jose Neto-Flora Purim)
    Airto, Flora Purim, Jose Neto, Gary Meek
    Airto demonstrates his unique concept of combining drum set and hand percussion. He explains and demonstrates essential Afro-Brazilian drum set rhythms including samba, samba in 3, baiao and frevo after performance of his band, Fourth World. (64 min.)

Highlights From Rhythms & Colors / Listen & Play
Airto Moreira

issued in 1995 (DCI VHO250) VHS
This special tape features highlights from Airto's critically acclaimed videos. Focusing on his innovative use of percussion and drum set simultaneously, Airto demonstrates and illustrates ideas for playing essential Brazilian rhythms such as samba and baiao. Also includes great performance footage with his group Fourth Wolrd, featuring Flora Purim. (40 min).

In Other Musicians' Videos


recorded in 1989/6/19-21
issued in 1990
(CTI 50254-3) VHS

  1. Barbados
  2. Friday Night At The Cadillac Club
  3. Nana
  4. Caribe
  5. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
  6. Palisades In Blue
  7. Colo De Rio
  8. Wamba
  9. Quilombo
    Dizzy Gillespie, Art Farmer, Phil Woods, Bob Berg, Airto, Flora Purim, Tito Puente, Charlie Haden, Marvin 'Smitty' Smith, Anthony Jackson, Bernard Purdie, John Scofield, Robben Ford, Romero Lubambo, Hilton Ruiz, Jimmy McGriff, Benny Golson

Dizzy Gillespie / Wolf Trap salutes Dizzy Gillespie :
an all-star tribute to the jazz master

recorded in 1987/6/6 at Dizzy's 70th birthday concert
issued in 1989
(Pioneer Artists, Japan PA-89-254) LD also available in VHS

Ivo Perelman / Live In New York

recorded in 1990/10/16 at Knitting Factory
issued in 1991
(VAI VAI-69066) VHS 58:40
Only Flora. Airto does not play here.

  1. Slaves of Jo
  2. Nesta Rua
  3. The Carnation and The Rose
    Ivo Perelman, Flora Purim, Geri Allen, Fred Hopkins, Andrew Cyrille, Milno Cinelu, Elson Nascimento

Various Artists / The Best Jazz On Video

issued in 1992
(Bose Express Music, Limited ed.) VHS
This has 'Light as a feather' track from "Live At The Queen Mary Jazz Festival"

Miles Davis / Message To Love :
The Isle of Wight Festival

directed by Murray Leiner
recorded in 1970
issued in 1997 in New York
(SMV #LV 49335) DVD, LD

Glastonbury: The Movie

issued in 1995 (IMC VISION LTD. IMC099) VHS
    Airto's pandeiro solo "Inprovisation #1"
    Director: William Beaton, Robin Mahoney

Cool Summer Jazz 3

issued in 2001 (Quantum Jump QLDVD0262) DVD Region0
    Bobby Hutcherson & Flora Purim play live at the Paul Masson Jazz Festival. This has 'The Road Is Hard, But We're Going To Make It' track from "Harvest Jazz"

Various Artists / Modern Drummer Festival Weekend 2003

issued in 2003 (Hudson Music HL0032040) DVD All Regions
    Instructional DVD, Running Time 352 Minutes
    Disc 1 - Saturday Mike Orris, winner Undiscovered Drummer under 18, The Hip Pickles, The Nathaniel Townsley Trio, Matt Wilson and Band, Steve Smith and Vital Information, Mike Portnoy with Yellow Matter Custard and Dream Theater.

Various Artists / CTI All-Stars - Montreux Jazz Festival 2009

issued in 2009 (CTI Records 253[DVD] 49[BluRay])
    Randy Brecker, trumpet
    Hubert Laws, flute
    Bill Evans, tenor sax
    Todd Bashore, alto sax
    Russell Malone, guitar
    Niels Lan Doky, piano
    Mark Egan, bass
    Jeff Tain Watts, dums
    Airto Moreira, percussion
    Flora Purim, vocals

    recorded live at Miles Davis Hall, Montreux, July 7, 2009

    1. Misturada (A.Moreira)
    2. Mr. Clean (W.Irvine)
    3. Airto Moreira Solo (A.Moreira)


Rhythms & Colors / Listen & Play
(Afro-Brazilian And World Beat Rhythms
For Drumset And Percussion)
Airto Moreira


A book/audio package which correlates with Airto's brilliant videos. Airto explains samba, frevo, marcha, partido alto, samba in 7 and baiao. He illustrates Brazilian-style brush techniques and also covers the unique drum set/percussion setup which allows him to play percussion and drum set simultaneously.

The Spirit Of Percussion
Airto Moreira, Rick Mattingly (ed.)

(21 Century Music Productions) Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

Freedom Song : The Story of Flora Purim

by Edward Bunker and Flora Purim
Published in 1982, Berkley Books, New York

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